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Welcome to PattayaSexy! We have pictures of the sexiest girls in Thailand. Some are professional models doing nude photoshoots, some are amateur girls we picked up from the street, and some are dancers we found at the gogo bars!
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What is Pattaya?

Pattaya city is the sex capital of Thailand and possibly the world. If you "barfined" hookers in Bangkok or Phuket, then Pattaya is your heaven on Earth. The whole city is lined with gogo bars and sexy massages. The girls are hot, willing and affordable!
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Thai Girls

Once you've had a taste of Thai pussy, you will be as addicted as us. Thai girls are usually very petite and sensual. The have a shy yet willing personality. Best of all, their small asses are tight enough for pretty much every man!
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These guys have the full photo shoots and movies of the girls on this website. They give us some samples and we post the girls we think are hot as Thai chilis. Check out their websites for premium content: Tuktuk Patrol

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Asian Candy Shop Mintra1
Khon Kaen teen demonstrating her gogo dancing abilities.
Num having sex
Num takes a cock in her tight Thai pussy.
Pink Stripping
Cute Thai girl Pink stripping on my bed.
Thang is ready for action at the women sexy massage place.
Nanny Riding
Nanny went for a ride on my tuktuk and dick.
Mod doll face
Mod has a doll face and short body.
Nuch Cute Thai
Nuch is a cute Thai girl we found on the street.
Paula Chiang Mai
Paula from Chiangmai shows her nice round buttocks.
Thai Girl On
Thai girl named On from Pattaya is like a schoolgirl hooker.
Fern exotic sex
Amateur Thai babe Fern with her big round ass.
Cartoon Beach
Cartoon just came from the Thai beach and into our hotel room.
Beer selfie
Beer taking selfies of her naked body while we watch.
normal girl
Normal looking Thai girl about to show some ass and grab your cock.
Tida boobs
Tida from the gogo bar has huge boobs and cute face.
Thai girl Bali
Thai girl Bali having sex in the bedroom.
Teen Nan schoolgirl
Thai teen Nan is a studious but naughty schoolgirl.
Skinny Thai Mai
Mai is a skinny teen from Bangkok that needs some dough.
Meena Booty
Thai girl Meena has some meat on her ass.
Aun dark nipples
Aun is a Thai Muslim with very dark nipples.
Teen Sex
Thai girl Eaw is an emo cute teen about to get penetrated.
thai model paula
Paula from Bangkok models for us today. Very nice body on this Thai chick.
Koy Christmas fun
Koy having fun teasing with the Christmas outfit.
Meaty Thai girl from Loei working that gogo pole.
Nutwadee From Chonburi
Nutwadee from Chonburi has a shaved pussy.
Cat Tattooed Thai
Sexy alternative style Thai girl shows off her awesome body and tattoos.
Beer Sexy
Thai babe Beer has nice round tits and cute face.
Meme short hair
Meme is a Thai teen with short hair and smoothly innocent body.
Amara Carrot
Amara taking off the Thai Cuties shirt and playing with a carrot.
Bin exotic
Exotic Thai chick wets cock with her mouth before taking it deep in her pussy.
Varinda Pan Beach Nipples
Varinda Pan wetting her shirt at the beach.
Katie bj
Katie takes the cock deep in her throat and gets a mouthful of cum.
Songsuda about to get amazing sex from the masseur.
Sherri Ngoj spreads ass
Sherri Ngoj teasing a bit by showing some ass.
Nicha Lee speedboat
Nicha Lee taking it all off on the speedboat.
Amara Bhunawat Hotel
Beautiful Thai babe Amara Bhunawat in hotel room.
Mintra secretary
Mintra is my personal secretary and she does everything.
Kumlai Emo Thai
Kumlai looks emo and sexy with the contact lenses.
Tauey Gangsta
Tauey is flashing some Khon Kaen gangsta signs.
Tittiporn wants her massive tits massaged by you.
webcam thai
A young Thai girl and her webcam. She has grown huge since the last time we webcammed.
Tittiporn Fun Bags
Tittiporn takes off the ugly top to reveal huge and amazing fun bags.
Tittiporn Bathtime
Tittiporn posing with her huge tits at the bathtub.
Ittiporn Thai
Ittiporn from Udon Thani has a meaty shaved pussy ready for cream.
April Bicycle Store
April posing in a bicycle store.
Kip innocent face
Nice Thai bargirl Kip makes short work of that farang cock.
Thai Girl Pink
Thai girl Pink is posing with the bead curtains.
Min Chinese dress
Min takes off the Chinese dress to show her tight teen body.
Nim Shy Thai
Nim seems like a shy Thai girl, but her pussy is shaved.
Dok is willing to do anything and perfect for a gogo bar worker.
Thai Muslim For
For is a Thai Muslim girl with perky tits on a skinny body.
Mintra Hardcore Sex
Mintra has hardcore sex with her Thai boyfriend.
Dark nipple thai
Dark Thai girl Mo has dark nipples to match.
Apple dark nipples
Sexy Thai girl with a beautiful smile and hot super dark nipples strips.
Prisana comes to the massage without any clothes.
Bew streetwalker
Bew was a streetwalker we picked up at the beach.
Fishnet Stockings
Hot chick named Eaw from Thailand in fishnet stockings.
Paen Poses
Hot Thai babe Paen strips and poses nude for the camera.
Tip Amateur Thai
Tip is a girl from the street with slightly saggy funbags.
Nanai Nakhon Ratchasima
Nanai has sizable tits and nice pigtails.
Pinki shaved
Thai cutie spits and swallows.
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Gogo Bar Auditions