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Kanda Kan

Kanda in one of the rising Thai pornstars. Not everyone knows her yet, but once you see her unique face, you will be captivated forever. Kanda has several videos out and we hope to see more of her soon.
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Kanda amazingly hot in this white outfit.
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Kanda and Nicha play with a lesbian double-ended red dildo.
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Kanda and Nicha poking each other in the swimming pool.
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Kanda gets horny and shows off her tits at the swimming pool.
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Kanda has a cute face and a sexy naked body.
Kanda Fan
Kanda hides behind a fan before exposing her perfect breasts.
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Kanda is a cute Thai girl working as a nude model.
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Kanda is a hot Thai with short hair.
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Kanda playing with herself instead of the computer.
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Kanda prepares for a double farang threesome.
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Kanda shows her awesome rack on the speedboat.
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Kanda took off her panties and displays her Thai pussy.
Mintra and Kanda Pool Fun
Mintra and Kanda having lots of fun by the swimming pool.
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Mintra and Kanda in fishnets are super hot and sexy.
Nicha Kanda and Mintra pool
Mintra interrupts Nicha and Kanda at their swimming pool photoshoot.
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Mintra, Kanda and Nicha all have different shape titties.
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Mintra, Kanda and Nicha strips naked.
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Mintra, Kanda, Nicha and friend are four Thai beauties.
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Nicha and Kanda are lesbian Catholic schoolgirls.
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Nicha and Kanda do a lesbian shoot wearing Chinese dresses.
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Nicha and Kanda have different body types but both are perfect.
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