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Welcome to PattayaSexy! We have pictures of the sexiest girls in Thailand. Some are professional models doing nude photoshoots, some are amateur girls we picked up from the street, and some are dancers we found at the gogo bars!
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What is Pattaya?

Pattaya city is the sex capital of Thailand and possibly the world. If you "barfined" hookers in Bangkok or Phuket, then Pattaya is your heaven on Earth. The whole city is lined with gogo bars and sexy massages. The girls are hot, willing and affordable!
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Thai Girls

Once you've had a taste of Thai pussy, you will be as addicted as us. Thai girls are usually very petite and sensual. The have a shy yet willing personality. Best of all, their small asses are tight enough for pretty much every man!
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These guys have the full photo shoots and movies of the girls on this website. They give us some samples and we post the girls we think are hot as Thai chilis. Check out their websites for premium content: Tuktuk Patrol

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Chaisee Pussy Cum
Chaisee gets a load of cum in her tight Thai pussy.
Dao Shy Thai
Dao is shy for her first time getting her pussy eaten.
Kanya sexy ass
Kanya is showing off her sexy Pattaya ass.
Kelly gogo skills
Kelly looks down upon us with her table top gogo skills.
Kip hotel
Kip is a hiso Thai girl going to a hotel with her gik.
Nung purple dress
Nung strips off her purple dress and rides the farang cock.
Chubby Tan
Chubby Thai girl reminds me of a Thai Beyonce.
Benz Glasses
Benz roleplays and gives a blowjob wearing glasses.
Mai Mai shaved
Mai Mai is a Thai teen with a nice shaved cock oven.
Nue Thai
Nue wants to take off her top and get down to business.
Maleen wants the masseuse to cum in her pussy.
Fay silly
Fay looks seductively before stripping and getting fucked silly.
Fon Fucked Silly
Silly Fon came to our tuktuk and got fucked silly.
Gook baseball hat
Thai girl Gook wearing a baseball hat to have sex with an American.
Nana lingerie
Nana sucks dick like a professional.
Nuch Dancing
Nuch dances by my swimming pool before I give her my rod.
Tittiporn BJ Swallow
Tittiporn shows how naughty she can be with a nice deep BJ.
Skinny Khon Kaen teen at the gogobar audition.
stephie thai
Stephie Thai posing like a horny slut in the water.
Bohemian Amy
Bohemian Amy gets fucked on the floor.
Anny contact lenses
Anny wearing exotic contact lenses while having sex.
Meoy sexy ass
Tall and thin beauty Meoy gets fucked hard.
Shaved Korat girl dancing on the pole at the gogo bar.
Oam redhead asian
Oam has small perky tits and her red curtains do not match the drapes.
Na Tattoo Girl
Na is a really hot Thai girl with a tattoo.
Bali big tits
Bali exposes her big tits and shaved pussy.
Tittiporn Pussy on Bed
Tittiporn shows off her pussy on the bed.
Kung Gypsy
Kung in light blue gypsy uniform.
Yok penetration
Yok gets her hairy pussy pumped.
Sexy Thai Maid
Sexy Thai maid does more than clean your cock.
Nana hot
Pretty Thai Nana looking super hot in this picture set.
Thai Bali facial
Bali gets her face covered in cum.
Kanda and Nicha Red Dildo
Kanda and Nicha play with a lesbian double-ended red dildo.
Tittiporn Tanktop
Tittiporn takes off the tank top to show her naked Thai teen body.
Nuk BJ
Thai girl Nuk has a nice dick sucking face.
Tittiporn Gets Massage
Tittiporn gets naked before her Thai massage.
Zara emo teen
Zara is an emo Thai teen that wants some tourist dick.
Tittiporn Striped Stockings
Tittiporn is super busty and is apparently wearing striped stockings.
Nuch curly hair
Beautiful Isaan model posing nude on a bed.
Balloon Surin
Balloon from Surin has a nice smile and a huge rack.
Sala Mixed Thai
Sala is a mixed Thai girl with movie star potential.
Fern Kitchen
Round eyed Thai girl Fern got planted in the kitchen.
Mod doll face
Mod has a doll face and short body.
Dar glasses
Dar hiding her shy face while sucking a cock.
Thailand Songsuda
Songsuda is a random gogo girl from Thailand.
Cute Meow
Meow masturbates at the mall in Pattaya.
emo Thai
Thai cutie Nuch is a little bit emo and extremely kinky.
Tida boobs
Tida from the gogo bar has huge boobs and cute face.
Sherri Anal
Sherri is ready for some anal penetration.
May teen
May is a sweet Thai teen that wants to make some quick cash.
Kalaya needs her chubby Thai pussy massaged.
Lek Thai Smile
Lek smiles at us as she gets into our tuktuk love mobile.
sexy braces
Horny schoolgirl with braces shows her perfectly curvy tits and pussy.
Aom Posing
Aom likes to show off her meaty Thai ass.
Emo Selfies
Thai teen Eaw in an emo outfit taking selfies of herself.
Thang nude
Thang shows her small tits and smooth nude skin.
Tun Karaoke
Having fun with sexy Thai girl Tun in the Karaoke bar.
Janine exotic beauty
Janine is one of the sexiest Thai girls to grace my apartment.
Nok cute face
Nok has a cute face when she sucks Japanese dick.
Fa Creampie
Fa gets a creampie in her tight shaved pussy.
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Gogo Bar Auditions